Food that is in harmony with nature

Fazenda Bananal's agroforestry aims to produce food in harmony with nature, with biodiversity as its best ally. In total, more than 10,000 seedlings have been planted, covering an area of 11 hectares (equivalent to 11 soccer fields). More than 50 species are part of this productive forest, each with its own function and purpose. They include fruits, timber, palm hearts, vegetables, roots and grains, as well as the so-called fertilizing plants, whose function is to provide organic matter through pruning, so that the soil is always covered and life in the soil is always active, as it is in nature.

In addition to the productive areas, the Fazenda Bananal also has forest restoration areas, whose purpose is to restore degraded pasture lands and restore their ecological function, bringing back the exuberance of the Atlantic Forest and all the environmental benefits it provides, such as maintaining the quality and quantity of water.

Data from our Agroforestry:


Seedlings planted

An area of 11 hectares

(equivalent to 11 soccer fields)



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